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Connecting People to
This is the foundation or main entry point. We get people coming to worship and interested in relationship with Christ. We are interested in reaching people who do not go to church or who have given up on church. We do this by having great uplifting contemporary music, relevant message in a relaxed atmosphere. Why do we do it this way? Our research shows that the majority of people in today's culture who avoid church do so because they feel they have to dress up, they can't find meaning in what they hear and especially because it is BORING !
Connecting People to Others
Our goal on the weekend if for our church to grow larger. During the week we want it to grow smaller. What this means is that everyone should be involved in a life group each week. Life groups are what we used to call small groups. They are groups of 6 to 12 people who meet for the purpose of fellowship, Bible study and support. A strong network of life groups is vital to the health of a church.
Connecting People to Service
Once a person becomes a Christ follower, is active in worship and in a life group, our goal is that new believer to begin serving in some capacity.